As everyone in our community struggles with the ongoing challenges of the pandemic, the need for help and support is greater than ever.

The Mental Health Association of Essex and Morris is available to provide that support free of charge and to anyone who may need it. If you or someone you know is struggling mentally or emotionally, please reach out and call 973-509-9777 or via our website at You can also text at 973-380-0507. And please follow us on social media… @mhaessexmorris for twitter and Instagram and 

Below are other Resources:

o NJ Mental Healthcare (866) 202-HELP (4347)

o Peer Support and Suicide Prevention 24/7 (855) 654-6735

o Domestic Violence (800 )572-SAFE

o Seabrook addiction & recovery services (800) 761-7575

Help get the word out to friends and family who may need support as well!