Sunday School

At St. Gregory’s we treasure our children and consider them an integral part of our worshiping community. All are invited to partake of the Eucharist, with the consent of their parents. The children start in the Sunday School classroom to have a lesson and after they have a lesson the children will come back upstairs with the teacher to join their parents for the sign up the peace. The ushers in the main church can direct you to where you should bring your child(ren). Sunday School follows the school year from September to early June.

Infants are welcome at St. Gregory’s. In the back of the Church there is rocking chairs for parents.

Children’s Service

One Sunday in every liturgical season, as announced, the children a service dedicated to them. On that Sunday, children participate in the entire service and there is no Sunday School. Older children act as readers, ushers, altar servers, etc. A special “Paper bag” sermon is the feature of this service and the children gather around the altar to listen.

What’s in the bag? A surprise is chosen by one of the children. Rev. Sica builds her sermon around what’s in the bag and how it relates to God. Some recent items have included prized sea shells, a beloved stuffed animal, and a scary mask. Although the homily is always engaging, perhaps the most interesting part of the service are the impromptu comments provided by some of the littlest parishioners.