I grew up reading the poems of Robert Louis Stevenson and his “Summer Sun” poem (below) always comes to mind at this time of the year.  The sun is so brilliant and we forget how hot it can get! There’s nothing like the summer sun.  It drags us to the beaches for fun and makes us dream of snow even in July…we are so fickle!  In the summer, we want it cold; in the winter…

As Stevenson’s poem reminds us, the sun has his own work to do: “to paint the rose, to please the child.”  There’s a graciousness about this work that the poem reveals, and that’s what I like most about it.  The sun sneaks into the room by a keyhole, it shines into the darkened mass of an ivy bed.

This summer, as we soak in the sun, think about the areas of your life could that could use a little light. Maybe not a full-on laying out bare to the scorching rays, but rather the “warm and glittering look” the poem suggests.

As we know, the sun can do a lot of damage (don’t forget your sunscreen!) but a little sunshine might be just enough for your spirit to be renewed.



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